Self Doubt, Self Talk, & My Collaboration With Adidas

How did this happen to me? where was i when the big news hit? can this happen to any aspiring artist trying to make it?

I don’t wanna say i told you so, because i never did.i actually never knew i was going to land such a collaboration with a big brand.

I just came to Israel to clear some wind outa my sales, and as i was walking out of an adidas store (true story), i got an e-mail with the title: ‘adidas Beat Maker @ Park Meadows’

i thought it was somebody taking a shot or sending me some lame ass clickbait (i’m from israel i suspect things what you want…), but it was actually a human being- an event producer who saw my instagram and asked me to come and produce original music live In a huge Denver Adidas store… for 4 hours.

she also asked if i was sponsored by any other company (i’m thinking -> nah… i’m trippin... this is too good to be true)

At first I thought this thing would fall through and i was thinking probably a lot of people got hit up about this, but 7 days before the event, on the first day i arrived to the states, i got the final ok. it was ON.

i started preparing things like CRAZY, i bought a bunch of equipment to make my production more fast and efficient, my hotel room in DC looked like a space station, and i truly put all the time i could into it.

i have to say i worked pretty methodically, and in the last few days i got kind of comfortable.

maybe for the first time in my life i felt like i really got this. i’ve doubted myself so much along the way, and now i get paid-> TO TRULY PLAY.

I thought it was a coincidence

Apparently what got the event producer was looking at my hashtags, and seeing i am based in Denver, and have a legitimate landing page. Years of planting a seed and watering the plant day by day have come to this. I’m ready to go, i’m ready to really show the world what i’m about…

I’ve had a LOT of doubts in myself along the way, a lot of people told me i don’t have what it takes- i don’t have the fanbase, the capital, the family, a crew supporting me.

I had so many people telling me: “but it’s so hard to make it in music, you can’t be successful in a place you didn’t grow up in. plus not a lot of people can make a proper living doing what you do. what about the future mannnn??”

i’ll tell you this: it’s easier to make it in music than it is to go your whole life towards something safe you know you hate and then actually realize you’ve been fooling yourself for comfort that doesn’t exist… 


I do have a bunch of amazing people who support me, and never stopped believing this could happen. you know who you are. And i love you all dearly… 

i will be sending the first unreleased track of my up and coming project to anyone who read the post till here and wants to hear it before everyone else.

just write “let me hear it” in the comment section

photo by Frankie Lee

photo by Frankie Lee

Roy Matz