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Every time I fall imma get up in time

Looking where to ball imma get up in time

Wait for me to pop imma get up in time

Written on a wall imma get up in time

Fortunate for Trippin but I’ll get up in time

Live inside the moment imma get up in time

Feel it in my bones imma get up in time

Dream it in my bed until I make it all mine


Back in the days where I had nothing to show

Privilege born and bread ain’t nobody eating toast

Materialistic dreams got me thinking that I’m god

No one sees the freedom in somebody being woke

Ticking bomb was only waiting to go off in mine

Circumstances forced me to wake up and get in line

Everyday that went the independence grew a tad

While All the cards I had seemed to be getting all declined

Felt like I do not know all the power I’ve been seeking

Wake up in the morning tryna focus soul peaking

All inside my heart but My body knew that I’m reaching

A point where I am practicing all the things I was sleeping on



My fundamentals grew out of me in the time I be

Tryna understand what the bigger plan is takes honesty

Kindness showed itself so I took a hand

Just to see that the perception I was holding on to is nothing like equality

Sadly Had to let the vultures go ahead and fly

Playing hunger games is not the lane I chose to drive

Reaping what I sow in tears boy you know that I cried

Close to death but I know when I need to I will die

Hope that I can help Em chasing goals and still be kind

Hope that I can help em to a better peace of mind

Hope that I can make you understand that you can not control the past but you can always choose to build a better future for your tribe

[chorus] X2

Roy Matz