Where's the resistance at?

we all are human beings. we all experience resistance... from the world, from people around us, from people around them but do we have to have resistance? probably...

let's take it a step back, what is resistance really?

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 7.00.45 PM.png

so my take is that it is either to be going against something, or the ability to be free from judgment towards something that is not necessarily going your way, so how can we have higher resistance and resist less?

it's a paradox for sure, but something i know for sure is - we need to understand where the resistance is coming from before. I understood that while i was doing a very hard balance exercise at the gym, i was standing on a fit ball (the ones you do pilates on or just sit on if you're a normal person) and i realized to my self: "hey roy, you're resisting, and that's why you can't do this exercise properly.. so i let go, i breathed deep and felt my whole body calm in to the movement.

but the metaphor is this- if you resist in life, just like in balance training, you either put in 10x effort, or you fall on your face (in the good case).

you will experience good resistance when you do something out of your comfort - go say hi to that girl on the bus, tell somebody what you really feel even when it's not pleasant, tell your boss you want an erase. these resistances are real, but once you get over that resistance, you get out on the other side and grow like a boss

once i noticed the resistance i was putting into certain areas in life, i could just acknowledge them and look them in the eye with no fear. once you see these areas clearly, resistance can turn into appreciation, now you don't fear that enemy of yours, you just let him be without being concerned constantly what his next move is going to be. that's when you will truly let your best self out


so where do you have resistance? where are you going through it (if you are going through resistance tap yourself on the back)? what areas in your life could you be more fluid and mindful at?

let me know what you think about this post and the track this week


Roy Matz