When The Student Is Ready... The Bullshit Comes


a lot of friends and supporters that hear my crazy story tell me i should write a book... And i probably will at some point...

I feel like the #1 thing i've learned from my life as a nomadic  explorer (or a lazy ass traveler that spends way too much time in each place he goes to) was that when the student is ready, he either discovers that his teacher has been waiting for him for a while, or they meet at a weird intersection. For that weird intersection to happen, the student needs to be ready, and sometimes the student thinks he's ready, but he doesn't know that this exact curve he's going to go through (or stop before) is the curve that will get him to the other side... that's the story of my life till not too long ago.

i was almost ready a lot of times in my life but then the question hit my conscious brain: "ok.... i'm ready damn it, when is this going to start showing me the way? when is the teacher coming??".... and the conscious brain got me to stop myself so many times from really dropping in all the way and leaning in because i had extreme lack of patience, but now i know that it is one long ass process...

what i mean by that is that basically whatever you do in your life adds up to your portfolio as a human being, the one you'll be looking at before you die and say "oh damn, i really lived, that's awesome!"  or maybe on the other hand "what??? but it was such a short time! i didn't get to play! come on mann lemme stay a little more brah!!". and that portfolio is determined by what you persist and how much you persisted. so if you persisted only playing piano and became a virtuoso, that's great! if you chose to play A-B-C and learn it on 12 different instruments, that's great! but acknowledge it is what i'm saying. what ever you are doing, own it baby!

But seriously, also understand that teachers come to whoever is willing to learn, and if you are looking only in one direction of your craft, but the teacher you are looking for is 40 degrees to the left of where you're looking, you are going to be spending way more time looking for this person.

Roy Matz