Roy Matz (26), has been creating, performing and experimenting with music since the age 13. After his military service he started writing his own lyrics and music. In his music he mainly talks about the decisions he makes, his way of seeing challenge, and the ways he faces his own struggles with diversity, identity, andthe thoughts that run though his head all the time. 

the music he makes is inspired by artists and music he has grown accustomed to, beat makers and producers he adores and his own interest in zen and growth theories and books.

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"The most amazing things happen to me because of the challenges i set for myself and the trust i have in my decisions"

After the army, Roy flew to Australia, he fell in love with beatboxing (percussive music made with the mouth), his idol was a beatboxer from england he saw on youtube called Reeps One,

when Roy decided to move to new york, a few years later,  he met his idol in a random event and somehow got to jam with him in a private studio party that took place after the event.


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