Roy Matz started writing lyrics and music following his mandatory military service in Isreal. Tappping into his multi-instrumental arsenal of guitar, beatbox, vocals, and conscious lyrics, Matz expresses his many methods of overcoming life's constant challenges including his struggles with diversity and identity in the USA.

The music and vibe are inspired by Jazz, r&b, reggae, soul, blues, funk, hip-hop, and evolving interest in zen, growth theories, and related literature.

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"The most amazing things happen to me because of the challenges i set for myself and the trust i have in my decisions"

After the army, Roy flew to Australia, he fell in love with beatboxing (percussive music made with the mouth), his idol was a beatboxer from england he saw on youtube called Reeps One,

when Roy decided to move to new york, a few years later,  he met his idol in a random event and somehow got to jam with him in a private studio party that took place after the event.


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